Tips for Doing Yoga with Children

Tips for Doing Yoga with Children

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Yoga is great for people at any age. Most of the time, people do not get introduced to yoga until they are in high school or even later in life. However, children could benefit from learning yoga when they are younger because children have stressors in their life too. Most children do not know how to deal with this stress, which is why teaching yoga to children is important. Here are a few tips for teaching yoga to the children in your life.

1. Make Yoga Age Appropriate

There are huge difference between a 3-year-old, an 8-year-old, and a 16-year-old. This is why you need to make sure that you practice yoga that is age appropriate for them. Younger children love stories, so think about telling a story with the move. Five to eight year olds can hold the positions longer and will still enjoy hearing stories during yoga.

Nine to twelve-year-olds love to learn and can understand abstractions properly. They want to learn about themselves and their bodies. This is where you can start teaching them about the different elements, chakras, and environments. Most teens prefer to stretch because it can reduce the pain their joints may have.

2. The Time that You Practice

When you are practicing yoga with children, you need to think about the time that you are going to do yoga. Yoga should be a positive experience. Most children have the most energy in the late morning to early afternoon. However, this will depend on the child and the time of the year.

3. Make Yoga Lively and Fun

Yoga is often about relaxing and mindfulness, but children can become bored if there is not much going on. Props and music can make yoga fun for young children. MC Yogi is a very popular choice for music.

Props like scarves and feathers can be used to show movement and help the children learn to control their breathing. Yoga is not just about the physical aspects, it can be spending time with each other and talking about life in a safe space.

4. Meditation and Relaxation

This is a key component in any children’s yoga practice. The best way of promoting this will depend on the child and their age. Younger children may only be able to meditate for a few minutes at a time. Older children will take longer to enter their relaxation. The key is to guide them, and find out what they are comfortable with. You should praise their efforts and help them improve.

5. Remember that it is All Yoga

The key thing to remember when teaching children yoga is; it should be fun for them so it will help them enjoy it. Allowing them to experience yoga when they are young is a great gift. It will help them through life, even if they are not achieving all the positions correctly straightaway.

You should trust your instincts and enjoy the company when you are teaching children yoga. They could really enjoy yoga and spending time with you.

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