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One World Yoga Studio is located at

      15 Birchwood Road in Jamesburg.    


DAY/CLASS TIME Space Availability


Morning Dynamic Hatha



Gentle Dynamic Hatha for Stress Relief








Gentle Dynamic Hatha for Women with Physical Limitations


Currently forming


Dynamic Hatha
7:30-8:45pm Currently forming





10-class package $120.00 (expires in 12 weeks)

5-class package $ 65.00 (expires in 6 weeks)
$ 14.00 (must call to see if space is available)

(All Class Cards are non-refundable, non-transferable, and have expiration dates.)


DYNAMIC HATHA is a blend of static and flowing postures encouraging mindful movement to cultivate ease within the body and peace within the mind.  Each class is different - sometimes challenging; other times a slower-paced, peaceful flow.

Every class includes breathwork and deep relaxation to unblock stagnant energy channels and promote the free flow of prana (vital life force) to transform the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. (Sunday morning yoga suitable for all levels and emphasizes stretching and joint-releasing movements; Thursdays some experience is beneficial.)


GENTLE DYNAMIC HATHA FOR STRESS RELIEF focuses on letting go of daily stresses that affect physical and emotional well-being.  Classes begin with centering on the present moment and practicing how to still the busy, frazzled mind through concentration on breath. Centering and breathwork are followed by gentle movements and stretches that promote flexibility and release tension held within the body.  Class ends with a deep relaxation and a brief period of quiet meditation.  You will float home after each class and be able to enter into a deep, peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. (no experience necessary)


GENTLE DYNAMIC HATHA FOR WOMEN WITH PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS is similar to other Dynamic Hatha classes but includes many modifications for women who must adjust poses for their specific limitations. Physical limitations include but are not limited to back issues, fibromyalgia, and injury recovery.


PRIVATE restorative and dynamic hatha classes available.  $1.00/minute in-studio rate.








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